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Frost Giants of Norse Mythology

Updated: Jan 17

Things That Never Were

Frost Giants originated in Jotunheim, one of the nine realms in Norse mythology. The original father of Frost Giants is Ymir. His offspring had blue skin, and their hair, beards, and fingernails resembled icicles. There are various descriptions of their eyes. Some accounts say that their eyes were cold as ice, while others say that they glowed bright red. Perhaps the most intriguing trait of a Frost Giant is that when they spoke or opened their mouths, a blizzard or ice particles would emit from their mouths. Given these physical traits, you would think that a Frost Giant would be a cold-blooded creature. Yet, they are known to be warm-bodied.

When Odin first defeated the Frost Giants, a couple survived by sailing away from the chaos on a sea of slaughtered giants’ blood and settled in the Baltic countries. The offspring of the surviving giants created a new breed of Frost Giants. Yet, their existence was once again threatened by the battle of the Giants and the Gods.

According to the Marvel universe, Loki is a Frost Giant - yet he certainly doesn’t look like one. Since Loki is probably one of my favorite characters of all time, I did some digging and learned that, according to Marvel lore, Odin disguised Loki through magic to appear as an Asgardian. Additionally, Odin’s wife, Frigga, taught Loki the powers of magic and illusion. Even though I love Loki’s current physical form (who doesn’t like Tom Hiddleston) it would be cool to see his true physical form.

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