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Wren Larkin has a lot of things working against him­­––too tall, too thin, and living in a house that looks like an old boot. His only friends are a group of noisy crows that are always bringing him random trinkets. Needless to say, he’s not the most popular kid in town.


But things change when a girl named Maria moves to town and instantly befriends Wren. Maria continues to do the unexpected when she defends Rusty, the resident bad boy who might not be as rebellious as Wren thought. Wren soon learns that it isn’t just coincidence that bought the three of them together when he discovers a shoe workshop under the heel of his house that’s holding––or perhaps hiding––three pairs of magical shoes intended for each of them. 


When strangers arrive on Wren’s doorstep looking for the shoes, Wren and his new companions have no choice but to flee to Underfoot, an underground settlement full of magical creatures. In just a matter of days, Wren is immersed into a whole new reality that’ll take him on an incredible journey and reveal a lineage that might be better left secret.

Compass to Vinland
Available Now

Compass to Vinland Cover.jpg

Clarity of Sight
Coming Soon

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The magic shoe series continues, but this time the story is being told through the eyes of Maria Tovar. A Cerebral who can read the minds of others just by touching them. Her powers had always been a bit murky, but that changed when she put on the magic shoes that Wren's grandfather made for her. Now she can see things clearly - maybe too clearly. It's hard enough to be a teenager but being able to see what everyone thinks about you can really mess with your self-esteem.

While Maria anxiously awaits word from the search party that went looking for her parents, an evil that has been lying dormant beneath Underfoot strikes at the heart of the underground settlement. In order to escape the mayhem, Maria and Rusty are pulled into the spirit world and now they are the missing ones. To make things more complicated, Maria learns she has caught the attention of the mythical Norns, the protectors of the past, present, and future.  


Will Maria and Rusty make it back to the material world? Will she learn why the Norns are interested in her? And will Maria come to accept that her powers are an asset, not a curse?

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