Compass to Vinland
Book One of the Magic Shoes Series

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Wren Larkin knows he isn’t the most popular kid in town ­– he’s too tall, too thin and lives in a house shaped like an old boot. His only friends are a murder of crows who bring him shiny trinkets in exchange for bird seed. Then Maria appears...

In just a matter of days, Wren is immersed into a whole new reality that’ll take him on an incredible journey and reveal a lineage that might be better left secret.  More


An engrossing fantasy laced with inventive sparkle and dark undercurrents.

Kirkus Review

Author Dani Resh takes you on a wild rollercoaster of a ride that you don't want to get off.

Review by Pikasho Deka for Readers Fav

5 Stars

 Compass to Vinland has it all: magic, adventure, villains, and heroes. I highly recommend this book!

Reviewed by Kristine Zimmerman for Readers' Favorite

5 Stars

The story was so engrossing that I truly felt transported to this legendary world, and the final chapter left me hungry for more.

Review by Dakota Love for Reedsy Discovery

4 Stars


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Things that never were_edited.jpg

Things that Never Were (but should be)


On Christmas Eve 1987, my sister changed my life: she gave me a copy of the Encyclopedia of Things that Never Were, a fantastical book by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen.

Its pages were captivating, packed with mythology, legends, creatures, oddities, mythical places, superstitions, sea monsters – everything that sparked my imagination.

But as much as I loved the book, it also broke my heart: the very title claimed these things never really existed. The trouble is, whether they are real or not, these things are too delightful to abandon.

With this blog, I’ll keep exploring the pages that I found so alluring many, many years ago.  

So, come join me on my quest to explore the things that never were.

My Story

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Being born on Friday the Thirteenth, I have always been drawn to the more mysterious elements of life. The pull of the unknown has inspired both my visual and literary work. I enjoy collecting strange things from stranger places and will never grow tired of the gothic music of my youth.

I live in Michigan with my husband, daughter and son in a house hidden by an army of pine trees.

Compass to Vinland: Book One of the Magic Shoe Series, is my first novel.

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