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Wren Larkin


Wren Larkin lives in a house that looks like a shoe, has an unbelievable green thumb, and has no idea what to do with the magic shoes he found hidden under his house.

Meet the Cast

Maria Tovar

maria's eyes three.png


Maria Tovar is the newest student in Lewisberry Middle School, granddaughter of the town's number-one baker, and most likely to know what you're thinking. Since ya know, she can read minds.

Rusty Whitiker

rusty 5.png


Rusty Whitaker is known as bad news in the small town he lives in, but he gets the chance to change his narrative when he finds a pair of magic shoes that give him insane fighting skills.

Eyota Hill

eyota clean eyes.png


Eyota Hill might not be able to create magic, but she can break it. Even unbreakable spells and curses. Her unique skill set may end up being the secret ingredient needed to defeat the Wrathful once and for all.

Pana Kalluk

Pan edited.png


Pana Kalluk is a Tariaksuq, an Inuit mythological being who can travel between the material world and the spirit world. Dedicated and true to his friends but hard to see since he is always shifting from one world to another.


Final Caterina.jpeg


Caterina, also known as Dead Eyes, is the Mother of Unbreakable Magic. She works closely with the Drainers and the Wrathful, even going so far as to train their followers in her sinister ways.  

Drottning Grima

good Grima.png


Drottning Grima may be the most feared Drainer known to the Vins that reside in the human world. After draining countless Vins of their powers, her powers are immense. She is obsessed with finding Vinland and reclaiming it for herself and will do anything to achieve her goal. 

Bertram Needlcoff

bertram cleaned up.jpeg


 Bertram Needlcoff is not only Wren Larkin's grandfather, but he is also one of the most revered magical crafters in the Vin world. No one knows why he made magic shoes specifically for Wren, Maria, and Rusty, but all three pairs prove to be pivotal in the battle between good and evil.

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