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Dani Resh


Compass to Vinland:

Book One of the Magic Shoes Series

Published by Warren Publishing Fall 2021


Clarity of Sight:

Book Two of the Magic Shoes Series

Coming Soon


Things that Never Were


On Christmas Eve in 1987, I received a book as a gift from my older sister that has never left my mind or imagination. The book was entitled Encyclopedia of Things that Never Were, written by Michael Page and Robert Ingpen. Its pages were filled with everything I had loved as a child and still do to this day: mythology, legends, creatures, oddities, mythical places, superstitions, sea monsters. Pretty much everything that is beautiful, mysterious, ominous, and dark. The only problem with this book was that the authors insinuated that all these strange and magical things never were, and that literally broke my heart. A world full of ghost ships, dragons, and banshees was much more alluring to me than the banality of everyday life. Rest assured, I realize that many, if not all these things never existed. However, there is a part of me that is hesitant to accept the finality of the statement that the book title implies.   The world of things that never were is far too delightful to completely abandon. Therefore, I have decided to create a blog highlighting the entries of the Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were to celebrate these entities lingering global presence.  So, come join me on my quest to explore the things that never were. Come on, you know your curious…

Image by Robin Olson from Pixabay 



 Compass to Vinland: Book One of the Magic Shoe Series, is my first novel. Having been born on Friday the thirteenth, I have always been drawn to the more mysterious elements of life. The pull of the unknown have inspired both my visual and literary work. I enjoys collecting strange things from even stranger places and will never grow tired of the gothic music of my youth. I live in Michigan with my husband, daughter, and son in a house that is hidden by an army of pine trees.

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