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Baykok - Cursed Warrior Spirits

Updated: Jan 14

Baykoks are spirit warriors from Chippewa folklore, but these are not the friendly type of spirits that intends no harm. If you cross paths with a Baykok it is unlikely that you will come out of the experience unscathed. Baykoks are warriors who have died dishonorably or have committed an evil act. They are unable to rest or move on to the afterlife because their bones were scattered or thrown into lakes by those they have wronged. Baykoks will roam the world wreaking havoc until their bones have all been collected and they are given a proper burial.

Baykoks can be found drifting or flying in the forests of North American under the veil of night, especially in the Great Lakes region. Their appearance resembles a skeleton, except their bones are coved by a thin layer of skin, and their eye sockets glow red. Baykoks can become invisible so when walking through the forest, listen closely for the creaking or rattling sound of bones. On occasion, they are known to produce a loud shrill.

Once they mark their prey, it is almost impossible to escape. They tend to attack disrespectful hunters or trespassers on tribal lands. A Baykok will either use a club, knife, or invisible arrows to take down its prey. One account said that the wounds on the victim will miraculously heal, so when the victim is found, there is no clear indication of how the person died. A Baykok is cursed with endless hunger and enjoys eating the body parts of its victim, especially the liver. Since I live in the Great Lakes region, I will be extra cautious when taking walks through the forest, especially at night, and will hightail it out of there if I hear anything that even remotely sounds like a high pitched shrill.

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