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Mimi- Australian Spirits

Updated: Jan 14

Mimi spirits can be found in the folklore of indigenous Australians of the Northern region. These tall, whispy spirits are so thin that the wind is a very real threat to their well-being. If it becomes too fierce, the spirits can be injured, break in two, or even be blown away. Due to their fragile state, they spend much of their time tucked away in the crevices and ridges of rock formations and usually only venture out on calm nights. 

Given the shy and reclusive nature of the Mimi, they have been known to communicate through dreams. Mimi spirits would visit medicine men in their sleep to bestow their vast knowledge. Through these interactions, medicine men were taught various skills; like hunting, fishing, weaving, painting, and provided tips on how to control fire. They were even introduced to ceremonial songs and dances through these dreamy study sessions.  

I wasn't shocked to learn that these spirits are full of ancient wisdom but what did surprise me was that they have pets. How adorable is that? A spirit with a pet. And I'm not talking about the usual suspects. Mimi spirits are known to have a wide variety of animal companions, including echidnas, crocodiles, kangaroos, rock wallabies, butterflies, fish, birds, turtles, and small rock pythons. They are very protective of their animals and only become hostile if one of their pets is harmed or killed. 


I thoroughly enjoyed learning about these wise, elusive spirits and if I ever have the opportunity to visit Austrailia, I will make it a priority to visit a cave with their mystical images painted on the surface. And if I’m really lucky, maybe I'll even catch a glimpse of a Mimi tucked away in a deep, dark crevice of a rock wall.

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