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Mimi- Australian Spirits

Mimi spirits came to life through the folklore of the indigenous Australians of the Northern region. They were once humans but later transformed into spirits. The Mimi are full of ancient wisdom, love their pets, and are total homebodies. Their elongated, thin, wispy forms adorn many caves in Australia. I was not only blown away by their ancient representations, but many modern, artistic depictions are just as captivating.

The Mimi spirits are so thin that the wind is a danger. If the wind becomes too great, they may become injured, be blown away, or even break in two. Due to their fragile state, they spend much of their time tucked away in the cervices and ridges of rock formations and usually only venture out on calm nights. In the quiet moonlight, they will hunt, fish, and even have ceremonies.

Mimi spirits are gentle beings. They only become hostile if one of their pets is harmed or killed. Can’t really blame them for that. The idea of a spirit having an animal companion is such an interesting concept. Mimi spirits are known to have a wide variety of pets, including echidnas, crocodiles, kangaroos, rock wallabies, butterflies, fish, birds, turtles, and small rock pythons.

Mimi spirits at one time visited medicine men in their sleep and taught them skills, such as hunting, fishing, weaving, painting, and even how to control fire. They also taught them ceremonial songs and dances. How cool is that? It makes sense that they would communicate through dreams, given their shy and reclusive nature.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about these wise, elusive spirits. So much so, if I ever make it to Australia, I will definitely make it a priority to visit a cave with their mystical images. And if I’m lucky, maybe I will even catch a glimpse of a Mimi tucked away in a deep crevice of a rock wall.

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