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I am completely fascinated by the supernatural Inuit creature known as a Tariaksuq. So much so, that I included a character inspired by it in my middle-grade series. I made some alterations, but the folklore truly influenced the character Pana, a boy who can walk between worlds. Much like Pana, Tariaksuqs are known to have the ability to travel to different worlds, realities, or dimensions. The nature of the various locations is up for debate. Some say these realities mirror our own, while others believe these creatures can visit entirely different dimensions, such as an astral plane. There are also accounts of them existing in both the spiritual and material worlds simultaneously, giving them an understanding of existence that eludes most living mortals. 

These humanoid beings are associated with invisibility and are routinely referred to as shadow people. Therefore, obtaining a concrete description of them is virtually impossible. If you look directly at a Tariaksuq, their image will fade or disappear. You might catch a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of your eye, but their appearance is always transient. Some believe that even though their physical form is elusive, you can track their presence by observing their shadow. The only time these creatures can be seen by the human eye is after their death when they appear as a half-man, half-caribou creature. Surprisingly, Tariaksuqs share similarities with humans, such as having homes and families and using weapons and tools.

Do you find Tariaksuqs as intriguing as I do? Have you ever felt like someone was standing nearby but there was no one there? Or thought you saw someone out of the corner of your eye, but then their image disappeared? Perhaps you have been in the presence of these elusive creatures without even realizing it.

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